About Us


Grassroots Smoke Shop is located in Columbia, MO and we offer a higher level and quality supply of glass products than anyone in our area and our inventory competes with some of the larger national suppliers.

At Grassroots, we believe high quality glass is art. We purchase the art we like the most, and are proud to provide the finest functional glass art to our customers. Our storefront is located at 203 N 10th St. in downtown Columbia, MO but our website is capable of providing glass to interested buyers nationwide. Our store carries a variety of products in nearly any category you can think of. If you are looking for heady glass blown by one of the greatest glass blowers in the country, we have you covered. If you want amazing functional scientific glass, we have you covered there to.

We have great respect for glass blowers that go above and beyond the standard to produce excellent functional pieces, and this is why we carry many of our more expensive products. A lot of our glass has been featured in the documentary film Degenerate Art and we carry pieces from 7 different artists featured in the film.

Grass Roots carries glass blown by world renown artists such as Cowboy (as well as his apprentice, The Kid), Captin Crunk, Micro, Salt, and Mr. Gray.

Our store also carries a wide variety of clothing and glass jewelry to choose from. We consider ourselves a brick and mortar outlet to the counter culture itself. Our distributors call us first when they come across any eye-catching pieces, and our staff frequently travels nationwide to glass blowing conventions to meet new artists, add new inventory to the store, and make business contacts so we can continue expanding.