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Grass Roots founder John Borland has been working in the cannabis industry for more than a decade. He is heavily involved in plant science and genetics and can tell you anything about a plant just by looking at it. He has experience working with all aspects of the industry, from farming to curating to selling to smoking.



John Enters the Industry

After years of researching and curating the best product and connecting it with students around Missouri, John became a DIY expert in the field in the early 2000s.

John moves to California

John moved to the Bay area to run a farm and get into the nitty-gritty science of growing cannabis plants.

John is Featured in the High Times

John was featured in the High Times after winning a competition for taking the biggest bong rip at an industry trade show in Las Vegas.

Grass Roots Opens in Downtown COMO

The first Grass Roots Smoke Shop location opened on 4/20/11. The first store is on 203 N 10th St in downtown Columbia, MO.

The Second Grass Roots Location Opens

The second Grass Roots Smoke Shop, located on 212 East Green Meadows in Columbia, opens on 4/20/19.